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Valley Arborists - Tree Care    
 Residential & Commercial Services in the Lehigh Valley
  • Tree Pruning - Pruning of your trees is one of the best actions you can take to ensure the health of your trees.  Pruning reduces hazards, diseases, and allows the tree to use its energy efficiently.  Correct pruning cuts allow for quick and proper healing as well as enhance the strength, flowers and vigor of your trees and shrubs.  We can handle any pruning issue from health to safety to maintenance.

  • Crown Thinning & Shaping - Thinning is necessary on certain tree species.  Excessive competition between limbs can lead to dieback.  Thinning for wind and weight resistance can help with the load of wind and ice. Shaping is usually necessary with smaller trees.  A plant that has never been properly pruned is most likely to grow out of proportion.

  • Tree Removal - While tree removal may be a drastic step, there are circumstances when it is necessary.  Sometimes a dead or dying tree needs to be removed to ensure the health of your other trees & ensure no physical threat to the home. Our experienced personnel can help you determine the condition of your tree and recommend the proper action.  We have the equipment & skill for safe tree removal.

  • Stump Removal/Grinding - Stumps can be a distraction and an eye sore to many landscapes.  They decay, and can end up housing rodents and bees, and insects of all kinds, especially termites.  Stump Grinding involves grinding the remaining stump and roots below the ground level so that the ground can be restored to a level area.  We have the necessary equipment to perform this service.

  • Emergency Tree Care - Damaging wind and ice storms can leave your property a mess, whether its removal of a fallen tree or broken limbs, we are prepared to handle any job.  Our crew can safely remove damaged trees, from your home and property.

  • Planting - Planting the right tree in the right location can add great value to your property. 
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